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We provide a range of consumables adapted to our horizontal labellers DUVIVIER & ETIQ-CONSERVES:​

  • cold closing glue - reseller for LABORD industrial glues (small packaging: bucket of 25kg, 10kg or 5kg)​

  • hot take glue - reseller LABORD industrial glues (small packaging: bag of 20kg or 10kg)

  • mechanical spare parts: springs, rolls, guides, spars, belts, etc.

  • conveyor belts

  • heat resistence

  • chantourneurs (parts to change the position from upright to horizontal)


If you have an old DUVIVIER labeller which you don't use or need to be revised, we offer the following services:

  • retrofit of you DUVIVIER labeller (changing worn-out parts, paint, parts treatment, etc),

  • or buy-out of your DUVIVIER labeller (depending on its state).

Don't hesitate to contact us.


We also offer trainings on our DUVIVIER labeller to operators.

Our technician comes to your factory and train for the day the operators on :

  • how to use the labeller,

  • how to change the settings when changing label formats, 

  • and how to maintain & clean your labeller.

Don't hesitate to contact us.

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